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Durries & Yoga Mats & Chindi Foot Mats

Colourful & Intriguing

A durrie (also dhurri, dhurrie, durry or dari) is an Indian term for a hand-woven rug or a thin flat carpet, an item of home furnishing. These are woven in a special format wherein it can be used from both sides which makes it reversible. The beauty of vivacious colours with eye catching patterns builds these dhurries associate degree lovable interior ornament.
Dhurries are made in various sizes to be used as foot mats, floor mats and even yoga mats!

Product Features 

  • Available in vibrant colours with beautiful patterns 

  • Hand woven and reversible 

  • Washable product with no colour-bleeding 

  • Multipurpose product- can be used as home decor, foot mat and even yoga mat 

  • Made from Natural Cotton

Product Specifications

Size for durrie(floor mat)
2ft x 3ft/ 5ft x 8ft/ 6 ft x 9 ft/ 8ft x 10ft/ 9ft x 12ft
Other sizes
Bath mat sizes
Size for yoga mat
3ft x 5ft/ 4ft x 6ft
All sizes can be customised as per requirements.

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